Sunday 1 April 2007

"One Blood" Press Release

VMproductions completes production of One Blood. Check out the press release!

Press Release:

April 2007
" Introducing One Blood, VMproductions’ first video for 2007, commissioned by Kami K. The project was essentially a collaboration of 11 MCs over a sample from The Game.

VMproductions came about this opportunity through a chance meeting with Narinder Hans of x1x with very short notice. Not having met any of the artists and only having heard the track itself. Co producers/directors, Darren and Pujan essentially brainstormed ideas of what the video should embody.

On the shoot day once the MC's had been briefed on the idea, VMproductions used a variety of shooting styles to show each of the 11 MCs in a different light; not being repetitive while remaining eye candy. "It was great to work with both experienced and new artists on this project." Said Pujan.

The nature of the shoot was done justice by VMproductions' creativity in both pre and post production, which created a realist UK Asian twist on top of a highly commercial sounding track, illustrating the realism of UK Asian MCs. "The artists showed a high level of professionalism uncommon on ad hoc shoots." recalled Darren. “

VMproductions; a London based production house founded by Darren Vitarana and Pujan Mulji combines the craft of traditional film making and motion graphic design to bring a creative and insightful edge to all their work.